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I remember the warm sunlight in the room, and the scent of Wilhelm’s grandmothers living room. The two of them where reminiscing about childhood moments that made up stories; whilst they were chatting my eye caught Ouma San’s gallery wall filled with priceless moments of the past 92 years. Ouma San shared a story that afternoon, that embodies Collected and how we aspire to live. Ouma San told us the story of one particular lady that was well in her 90’s living in the frail care, of the old- age home. One afternoon when Ouma San paid her a visit, she told us how this lady had been robbed from her memory from Alzheimers disease. Lying there, very much helpless, she had nothing, no photos, no albums, no books- nothing. However, Ouma San told us that although the lady had nothing, she laid their so content with a smile on her face, as she told us that every time she closed her eyes, she would have the most beautiful flashbacks of moments that shaped her life. 

Whilst sitting there, I was so overwhelmed with emotions, to realise the reality, that anything can happen- LIFE IS SHORT- everything can be taken away from you.. Except the moments that you keep in a safe place! Moments that shaped who you are, the life you have lived, the moments that left you speechless, or the moments you wished time to pause so that you can soak it up. Those moments, are carved into your soul, and you have the opportunity everyday to create new priceless moments… A COLLECTED moments!


Passionately married for 7 years, Wilhelm and Analja are a husband and wife photographer couple. They firmly believe in marriage and the beauty that God created it to be. They enjoy creating timeless, emotive, speechless imagery. They are inspired by the moments that have shaped the couple to tell their unique love story. Capturing remarkable love stories through art is their gift to you! They believe that photography is art, and it should evoke a feeling, furthermore, a feeling that is indescribable and stays with you.



I have a passion for people and real relationships.
My style is journalistic, and I strive to combine the technical aspects of photography with real and raw emotions.

I also love architectural photography and I am always after lines that pleases the eye.

There are no limits to photography and its creativity. taking someone's photo cannot be defined and that's why I love it!



I am an ‘all-out’ passionate creative

Inspired by beauty of nature, feminine beauty, and unique beauty that ultimately enhances creativity

I love authenticity, and connecting with every client and brand- no one is just a number to me, I’m here for the journey and the story.

My passion is connecting with every bridal couple, lovers, mother, business owner or creative. I take pride in walking the journey with every client, and devoting my time and skill to capture unique moments and beautiful content.


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