wedding story of Delwin & Jute

Enveloped by the breathtaking beauty of Wellington's scenic mountains, the Father of the Bride stands poised, awaiting his daughter's radiant entrance in her crisp white wedding dress. With grace and anticipation, he prepares to escort her down the aisle, to marry her and the love of her life.

Witnessing this enchanting love story unfold during their engagement shoot was a privilege, and now in the glass chapel overlooking the mountains and vinyards, Jute & Delwin eager to embark on their shared journey.

Jute & Delwin, may your days be adorned with laughter, may your bond be strengthened by shared moments of whimsy, and may you forever hold each other dear, cherishing the profound love that binds you together on this wondrous day.

Love and blessings

Wilhelm & Analja

wedding venue in the middle of vineyard fields
bride getting ready with make up artist
bride holding her wedding dress
bride gold foil balloons
bride laughing while wearing her bathroom robe
bride wearing her bathroom robe
bride getting ready